Friday, August 8, 2014

Yarn Paintings

Hi Y'all! So I like to do a lot of DIY projects on my spare time for fun. I also think its good to know how to do your own projects for when you live on your own as a way to make your house a home without spending big bucks, and still having fun and having a creative outlet! The project below incorporates both acrylic and yarn:)

(What you'll need)

1. Canvas
2. Acrylic paint of your choice
3. Yarn of your choice
4. Masking or paper tape
5. A hot glue gun or your choice of craft glue
6. A sponge brush

  Step 1: The first thing you need to do is use your masking tape to make shapes on your Canvas board until satisfied.

  Step 2: Use your sponge brush to paint in the shapes you made with the paper tape.

 Step 3: Wait sometime after you've fully coated all of the shapes made with the paper tape so the paint has time to dry.

 Step 4: After all sections are dry; begin to gently remove all paper tape from canvas.

(Your Canvas should now look something like this)

 Step 5: This step is an additional step that you can add in if you'd like. I decided to outline my shapes in black because a few of my shapes turned out messy but if your lines turn out clean, feel free to leave it that way.

 Step 6: Let black paint dry before next step if you decided to use step 5.

 Step 7: For the last step take your yarn and spell out a word that you'd like on the canvas or shape and glue it down with your hot glue gun/craft glue.

Once you've finished up, just hang it where you please and enjoy your new one of a kind art!:)