Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pigeons 4 Lyfe

(Me being silly and showing you guys a pose that was actually asked of me by the photographers at my school for senior pictures!)

Hiya! The look I'm wearing in these photos was actually one that I'm quite fond of (not that I don't like all my other looks haha). I really liked how preppy it was and I especially loved the colors considering I have a thing for pale soft colors. I also decided I'd do stripes on stripes to make the illusion I'm actually taller that what I am! I also got my hair cut quite recently as you can see from the pics haha, I also snuck in a pic of my sister Bianca who took the photos for me:)


  1. I like your blog, and you're actually the first man I see having one ! Really cool :)

    1. Aw, thanks a lot Amyra:). There's not too many of us rn be honest but I like doing it:) if you like the blog, please feel free to follow and comment whenever!